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Excellence , quality , durability and timeliness are the virtues of Agro steel Industry which was incepted by Mr. Mohammad Iqbal in the early 1980s. From the very beginning his story has been synonymous with success and accomplishment . Having started with trading , he then ventured into manufacturing and importing within a short period of time. Today Mr.Iqbal , his brother Mr. Tariq and their sons are running the company with exuberance and fervor .The constant urge and effort to diversify has helped this dynamic team to conceive innovations and development. This trait has helped them attain a very reputable standing in the market. The company has been able to establish a dominance for the production of high carbon steel specifically railway tracks, wheels, shafts, billet etc.

Corporate Responsibility


Maintain our leadership position in the steel industry by producing the best quality steel products, continuously enhancing customer satisfaction and becoming a reliable business partner of our customers and suppliers.

Mission Statement

AGRO STEEL INDUSTRY will be the supplier of choice for our customers by profitably providing quality steel auto and agriculture products and services which improve our customers' products. We will accomplish this in a safe and environmentally responsible manner through recycling, flexibility, innovation, and teamwork. Agro Steel Industry is committed to providing an environment with opportunities for each employee to achieve success.

Core Values

  •    - Mutual respect for individuals and families
  •    - Good corporate citizenship
  •    - Strong work ethic
  •    - Honesty and integrity
  •    - Creativity and innovation

Our People

Agro Steel recognizes that its people are paramount to the success of the company. We are committed to the promotion of all aspects of the wellbeing and the health and safety of our employees, contractors, visitors and neighboring communities. We actively encourage a positive safety culture among our employees and contractors.

We are committed to developing our people to their full potential and our staff are encouraged to participate in regular training to help them develop on a personal and professional level, as individuals, and as part of a team. We also encourage them to accept greater responsibilities through promotion. Agro Steel operates a diverse range of training courses and professional development programs. Our investment in people through training and development plays an important part in our organizations' success; empowering a highly motivated, dynamic, versatile and productive workforce...

Sourcing and Supply

As a sustainable steel producer, Agro Steel are committed to sourcing our constituent materials, manufacturing our products and supplying our customers in a responsible manner. Agro Steel are committed to providing our customers with excellent service. Our customers' needs are paramount and we work closely with them to ensure that our rolling programs are harmonized with their needs and the wider market demand. Agro Steel philosophy is to both roll to, and supply from, stock.
We endorse this philosophy, and hold finished stock at any one time so we can supply our products to anywhere in Pakistan. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with unrivaled product quality, diversity, availability and service. Whether working closely with our customers to ensure rolling programs are in line with market demand.

Customers and Industry

As the market leader for many of our products and product ranges, we recognize how developing strong relationships with our customers has influenced and consolidated our position. We understand that presentation and service are paramount: it is vital that our products reach our customers' premises on time and in perfect condition. Achieving this requires an efficient production process, good storage facilities, top-rate handling systems and excellent logistics.
We appreciate that product diversification is key to the development of steel industries, and we strive to develop and manufacture products of greater usefulness and ever higher quality for our customers and end users. We work in conjunction with various professional bodies to encourage improvements in quality and to develop the setting of standards for steel products.

Our Products

The highly competitive environment in which we operate demands constant and continuous investment in order to secure productivity improvements across all areas of the company. The provision of high quality products has always been our priority, and this is why we devote a sizeable share of our investments to improving internal controls and quality assurance. This is backed up by substantial investments in new technology and facilities.
Owing to the nature of the products we manufacture, each of our operations has to monitor its processes using a large number of quality factors.



Production Process Rolling Mill

Our mill is capable of producing 12,000 tons each year for a wide range of flat bars and round bars. The high carbon billets/ Reroll able material cannot be used directly, but have to be transformed into commercial products by means of hot rolling. For flat and round bars, high carbon billet / reroll able materials are reheated to around 1150C in a gas-fired furnace. Reheating makes the steel softer and more deformable, so that the final shape can be produced more economically, and using less energy. Once up to temperature the billets/rerollable materials are pushed into the rolling stands, each of which has a pair of grooved cylindrical steel rolls. As the steel is forced through the grooves, the area of the cross section is reduced. This process is repeated continually over several stands, with the cross section reducing each time until the required dimensions are achieved. The bars are sheared to a length of around 80 metres and transferred to a cooling bed where they cool in still air. The bars are then sheared to the required customer lengths, labelled, and moved into storage, awaiting despatch.

Leaf Spring

The Leaf Spring manufacturing plant is fully equipped with modern manufacturing and testing facilities to manufacture leaf springs that are of enhanced quality. The manufacturing facilities available include the automated camber press and quenching machine, automated heating furnace and lengthened conveyor type shot peening machine. Equipped with these advanced facilities, all individual spring leaves and laminated leaf spring assemblies are produced efficiently and cost effectively according to the designated specifications. The testing facilities available include the fatigue testing machine, computerized presetting and load testing machine to guarantee AGRO springs to have an enhanced service life. Agro's strict policy towards quality and customers' satisfaction ensures that all the critical manufacturing processes are carried out in accordance with the specific requirements without fail. Currently a wide range of leaf springs and related products are manufactured for various types of applications such as, for the automotive and heavy-duty equipment industries.

Our Products

Something we are proud off.

We established our business in 1980 as a supplier of Agricultural and Industrial Machinery to cater for the national requirements in the Agricultural and Industrial Sectors.

Re-Rolling Products / Auto Products

Agriculture Products

Mounted MB Plough
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Disc Harrows
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